Flubble Bubble and Friends
Flubble Bubble and Friends


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    And remember, partial proceeds are benefiting the Sunshine Kids. Please learn more about their organization here, www.sunshinekids.org.

    Our Story

    Judy Luck Jordan, a previous school teacher, created Flubble Bubble almost 20 years ago in Houston, Texas. She had two young toddler boys and realized there was room in the market for a bubble character. She explored her creative side by writing nursery rhymes with positive endings, short stories that taught lessons, and even created a paper mache version of how she envisioned Flubble Bubble.     

     Fast forward a few years later when her daughter, Lindsay, was 11 years old. Lindsay was fascinated with Flubble Bubble and wanted to write a children's alphabet book. Thus, "Floating Through the Alphabet with Flubble Bubble" was born. Lindsay and her best friend visited the local library to find an illustrator. Here is where they found the talented and brilliant, Walter Storozuk. Walter illustrated the Michelin Man and even spent time illustrating for Disney!

    After meeting Walter and working with him on a weekly basis (after school, of course!), the pages of the alphabet book soon came to life. Unfortunately, a few years later, we lost our dear friend and mentor, Walter, to cancer. We promised him and our Flubble family that we would get our alphabet book published. We never caught our 'big break,' however, as publishers did not want another alphabet book. Here we are, a decade later, trying to fulfill our promise. We have since revitalized and updated the book. It is currently available from download from the Ibook store! Go to the iTunes Bookstore and search for the title of the book, Floating Through the Alphabet with Flubble Bubble & Friends!

    Partial proceeds of the Ibook sales will go directly to the Sunshine Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer.